Homage to India

This year we also pay homage to the genius of India, the origin of many of the stories of A Thousand and One Nights.

Musical brilliance was to be found in the palace courtyards of maharajahs and nabobs who encouraged the dissemination of unique artistic knowledge. We will discover this splendour at a concert at Bab Al Makina entitled Durbar, as well as at the first Night In The Medina devoted to the art of the raga. Here we experience the precious vibrancy of these royal courts where music defied time and the cosmic order.

The young children from the Manganiyar and Langa communities of the Rajasthan desert are poets and singers. Here they present a vocal art of rare beauty for the schoolchildren of Fes in order to share the richness of their culture.

The King of Ghosts project, a cinema/concert also from India, sets to music one of the first films made by the great Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray. This is brought to life by the talented Soumik Datta, a young master of the classical sarod lute and accompanied by a large Moroccan classical orchestra.


Spectacles homage to India