Night in the Medina 1

Cinema Boujloud – 22:30
The King of Ghosts – Creation – India & Morocco

Cinema/Concert : original score composed by Soumik Datta, Johannes Berauer and Cormac Byrne for the film Goopy Gayen Bagha Bayen by Satyajit Ray (1969)
Soumik Datta, voice, sarod
Cormac Byrne, bodhrán (Celtic drum) and percussion
And a classical Moroccan orchestra conducted by Aziz el Achhab


Irresistibly entrancing, the King of Ghosts is an epic poem as well as an experimental jewel. This creation invites young and old, music lovers and dreamers, film lovers and the curious to indulge themselves in an abundance of music and images.
First among all marvellous filmmakers India has produced is the master Satyajit Ray (1921-92). In 1968, Bengali Ray made The Adventures of Goopy and Bagha, inspired by a tale written by his grandfather.

This is a story of initiation led by a visionary spirit. Putting it into film resulted in some psychedelic scenes with special effects that were revolutionary at the time.
In this vintage black and white film, music is the true protagonist. Singer Goopy and percussionist Bagha have something in common: both have been excommunicated by their village because of their mediocre talent. Roaming in the forest, the King of Ghosts grants them three wishes. Thus armed with the power to look after themselves at all times, the ability to move instantly to wherever they wish to be and a spectacular musical ability, our two heroes set off on a fantastic journey that ends at the king’s court. Victorious in an improbable musical tournament, they manage to prevent the outbreak of war between two brothers, fighting off the forces of evil, re-establishing harmony between kingdoms and discovering love! Isn’t that the miracle of music?
The film is little known in this part of the world. Soumik Datta, prodigy of the sarod lute, is half Bengali and half British but above all, a citizen of the world. He decided to work with the film as he saw in it a wonderful field to explore.

“All little Bengalis grow up with Goopy and Bagha. And once we’re grown up, we see its depths …Released some decades after the independence of India, the cultural revolution is at its heart: artistic creation gives us the power and energy to fight for just causes.” – Soumik Datta

Along with composer Johannes Berauer and drummer Cormac Byrne, Soumik Datta weaves sublime melodies that lie somewhere between folk and classic, orchestral textures and a contagious beat that engenders an astonishingly ethereal experience. The solo instrument takes on the voice of Goopy who, as if on a magic carpet, transports us to a mythical world.
Part of the Homage to India

Project initially commissiond by Edinburgh Mela.


Event Performers

Event Date

9 May 2016

Event Time

22:30 PM

Ticket Price

NM1 09 Mai 2016

€ 20

Event Location

Cinéma Boujloud