Khadija El Afrit / Ensemble Musiqât from Tunisia – ISTIKHBÂR


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Khadija El Afrit performs Istikhbâr, an unprecedented translation of texts dating back to 1872. This initiative is the result of musicological research on Tunisian mâlûf conducted by Naoufel Ben Aissa. These documents are manuscripts of musical transcriptions of the nawbât of Tunisian mâlûf, which have never been performed before in their original version. Revealed to the public at the very beginning of the 20th century, these transcriptions have allowed for a revisitation of the mâlûf corpus, of which only “the official version” established by Rachidia (association for the preservation of Tunisian mâlûf) is known.


Ensemble Musiqât under the direction of Naoufel BEN AISSA
Presents: Istikhbar with Khadija EL AFRIT on vocals and kanun