The peaceful coexistence of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity created a dynamic and diverse society in Andalusia during a period known as the “Golden Age,” which was the envy of the world. This history serves as a reminder of what can be achieved when people of different faiths come together in a spirit of tolerance and understanding. This peaceful coexistence of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity continues in the Kingdom of Morocco, and Fez is a prime example. The inhabitants of this city have learned to embrace and respect the beliefs, traditions, and customs of others. They have shown that peaceful coexistence is possible and that cultural exchanges can enrich our lives.

“Is not Fez the spiritual capital of a millennia-old Kingdom? Does not its Al Quaraouiyine University constitute the oldest academic home in the world – the place where Muslim scholars, Jews, and even a pontiff completed their knowledge”

“With unwavering constancy, we make, in the Kingdom of Morocco, the ever-renewed choice to remain a land of tolerance, coexistence, and openness.”

(Excerpts from the royal speech of November 22, 2022, in Fez).

The Fez Festival of World Sacred Music is a privileged moment of this spirit of living together, dialogue, and tolerance. With Spain in the spotlight, this twenty-seventh edition will celebrate the historical and present ties that unite Spain and Morocco. Several artists from both countries will express through their fusions and performances this particular dimension of openness, harmony, and living together for a better future.

Other artists from various countries such as Uzbekistan, India, the United States, Italy, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt, Ireland… will exceptionally animate this twenty-seventh edition. Fez, with its unique and ancient medina, is ready to welcome you with its legendary hospitality.

Abderrafia Zouitene