ROMANCES – Accademia del Piacere and the Artean Ensemble


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Under the auspices of the cultural projects society Nova Lux Artean, directed by Fahmi Alghai, viola da gamba with Ghalia Ben Ali, singing

Mixed in the crucible of marginalization with gypsies and migratory peoples of all kinds, the last Moors added their melismas to the Andalusian musical DNA: this unique way of vocalizing that, beyond musicological evidence, deeply exalts the Spanish soul. One of the most prestigious early music ensembles in Spain and Europe, led by the talented Fahmi Alghai, will have by his side Ghalia Benali, singer, composer, actress, capable of expressing her art through a multitude of expressions, ranging from baroque to early music, from Oum Kalthoum to Sufi poetry or Indian music.


Fahmi Alqhai · Vihuela de arco y dirección
Ghalia Benali · Singing
Sonsoles Espinosa · Singing
Quiteria Muñoz · Singing
Marta Huarte · Singing
Marisol Boullosa · Singing
Ana Olaso · Singing
Christian Roca · Singing
Jose M. Bustamante · Singing
Jose Antonio Hoyos · Singing
Dani de Morón · Guitar
Rami Alqhai · Vihuela de arco
Johanna Rose · Vihuela de arco
Javier Núñez · Positive organ
Agustín Diassera · Percussion