Flute J.A Jayant – The Art of Carnatic Flute


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The Art of Carnatic Flute – South India
Flute J.A.Jayant, bansuri flute
Ramesh Kishore, mridangam

“We have fallen into the place where everything is music.
The strumming and the flute notes rise into the atmosphere.
And even if the harp should burn, there will still be hidden instruments playing.
The art of singing is the froth of the sea.
Graceful movements arise from a pearl coming from the depths of the ocean.”
Jalaluddin Rumi

Jayanth, affectionately called “Flute Jayanth,” was born into a family of musicians. From the age of five, he naturally trained in bamboo flute in the tradition of Indian classical music (guru-shishya parampara) under his grandfather and guru, the late Kalaimamani Flute T. S. Sankaran.
Jayanth possesses a unique and virtuoso technique of fingering and breath control that allows him to beautifully present his music, even in the very challenging lower octaves, on thick-walled bamboo bass and double bass flutes, while maintaining the concept of shruthi and suddham (perfect excellence and accuracy). His performance brings out the depth and soul of the lyrical aspects of the compositions he presents (gayaki form), earning him the lasting appreciation of connoisseurs and rasikas (music lovers).