Sunday 8 May

Bab Al Makina – 21.00

Divas of the World

First part: Hindi Zahra – France and Morocco

Second part: Oumou Sangaré – Mali

From Agadir to Paris, from the Wassoullou region to Bamako, Hindi Zahra and Oumou Sangaré are contemporary muses of Morocco and Mali.
These strong women transpose their ancestral culture into the modern world. They know better than anyone the value of the past.
Oumou Sangaré is the great diva of Mali, a true symbol of African women recognised by UNESCO and the FAO (United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization) for her business acumen. Above all she is the brightest star in the Wassoullou tradition south of the Niger River.
Hindi Zahra is an inspired Amazigh activist, already known as a pop star and performs in a burst of creative jazz, flamenco rhythms, music from Cape Verde and African drumming. She is entranced by Gnawa music.

Event Performers

Event Date

8 May 2016

Event Time

21:00 PM

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€ 25

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€ 50

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Bab Al Makina