Night in the Medina  II

Tuesday 10 May

Dar Batha (institut français) – 20.00

Ensemble Dialogos – Bosnia and Herzogovina
Heretic Angels: Popular Rituals and Beliefs


Founded by singer and musicologist Katarina Livljanić, the Ensemble Dialogos interprets the sacred music of medieval Europe. Combining profound musicological research with great strength on stage, their work carves out a new approach to ancient music by giving a contemporary feel. In this brand new repertoire, the group explores theatricality as well as plain chant and the first medieval polyphony, with a particular interest in the southern Slav region.

In this work, Dialogos encounters traditional musicians and are some of the youngest heirs to the epic songs of Bosnia and Herzogovina, a country on the threshold of the Orient. These poignant, bitter songs intertwine with musical theatre, inviting the public to enjoy the unusual beauty of rituals of life from birth to death, both pagan and Christian.

Dialogos is supported by the DRAC Ile de France – Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Co-production Fondation Royaumont.

institutWith the support of the French Institute of Morocco.


Event Performers

Event Date

10 May 2016

Event Time

20:00 PM

Ticket Price

NM2 10 Mai 2016

€ 20

Event Location

Dar Batha (institut français)