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Festival des Musiques Sacrées du Monde, 22ème édition (2016).SITE OFFICIEL.un Festival au Maroc en Mai Les Femmes Fondatrices.

Theme of the 22nd edition

Affiche du Festival de Fes 22ème édition

This year we are embarking on a journey to a world made sacred by the intelligence and grace of the women of our ancestral heritage. From a far-flung Orient, these brave women were poets and musicians who held the jewels of knowledge.

These women spread their knowledge, and here are symbolised by Oum El Banine, or Fatima El Fihriya, who endowed the Karaouine Mosque and University in Fes.

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Pictures and videos

Retrouvez les meilleurs moments du Festival des Musiques Sacrées, du Festival dans la Ville, du Forum de Fès.

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