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His princely and inspired music has made Vicente Amigo a kind of Zyriab of flamenco through his innovation and refinement, with fate wanting him to live in the same city as the mythical character of Arabic music.

Vicente Amigo is known for his very impressive and unique technique, his character, and an identity marked by a strict Andalusian lineage.

Vicente Amigo will be accompanied by his reference musicians: Antonio Fernández (Añil) on guitar, Paquito González on percussion, Ewen Vernal on bass, Rafael Usero Vilches (Rafael de Utrera) on vocals, and Antonio Molina (Choro) in dance.

Born in the Sevillian city of Guadalcanal in 1967, Vicente Amigo has, since childhood, linked his destiny to the guitar, through which he found a way of life. His musical career began with the release of the albums De mi corazón al aire (1991), Vivencias imaginadas (1995), and Poeta (1997), the latter including lyrics by Rafael Alberti. His fame peaked in 2000 with Ciudad de las ideas, a work inspired by the poems of the Greek poet Constantin Cavafis.

Over the years, his music has remained open to the world, in constant renewal. This allowed him to collaborate with other geniuses like Paco de Lucía and Manolo Sanlúcar, with singers like Enrique Morente, Carmen Linares, Diego El Cigala, Miguel Poveda, El Pele, José Mercé, and Estrella Morente.


  • Vicente Amigo – guitar
  • Antonio Fernández “Añil” – guitar
  • Paquito González- percussion
  • Rafael Usero “Rafael de Utrera” – vocals
  • Ewen Vernal – bass guitar
  • Antonio Molina Redondo “El Choro” – dance