Creation YATRA – SAFAR – CAT A


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From the Palaces of Rajasthan to the Gates of Andalusia

Musical creation with:

  • Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, mohan veena sitar
  • Justin Adams, guitar
  • Cherifa Kersit, vocals
  • Divana Ensemble of Rajasthan
  • Adil Jebbari, vocals
  • Anouar Khan Manganiyar, vocals
  • Hamadcha Brotherhood of Fez

Surrounding the great master Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, master of the Indian guitar with bluesy accents known as mohan vînâ, and Justin Adams, the famous guitarist of all worlds, the Sufi voices of Desert Slide, the Divana Ensemble, Anwar Khan Manganiyar, the singer Cherifa, and Adil Jebbari will join the earthy and rhythmic beats of the Hamadcha brotherhoods. Celebrating the power of a deep and inspired beauty.