MADALENA – Women’s Choir of the Occitan Countries under the direction of Manu Théron


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The Cantilena of Sancta Maria Magdalena

Manu Théron, singer and creator, set to music “The Cantilena of Sancta Maria Magdalena” from Marseille, whose score was lost more than two centuries ago. This new composition, inspired by testimonies collected since the late 19th century, is enriched with other tunes through a choir of 23 women. This joyful work of reclaiming a repressed part of history belongs to Madalena, who, like the Artemis of Ephesus, remains one of the timeless tutelary figures of the Phocaean city. Manu Théron’s adaptation of the cantilena to Sancta Maria Magdalena has allowed this archaic chant to reconnect with the popular devotion to the Saint in Provence and to unfold freely.