Titi Robin, bouzouki, guitar, oud

Mehdi Nassouli, guembri, voice, percussion

Francis Varis, accordion

Habib Meftahboushehri, percussion


Taziri is Mediterranean blues, providing a musical bridge between the northern and southern shores of our common sea. Taziri revives the roots that bind us. In the divisions that would divide us, Taziri is basically rebellious. Meaning ‘moonlight’ in Berber, Taziri is there to light up our nights.

~ Titi Robin


North Africa, and Morocco in particular, are one of the main sources of north American music, and more widely of popular western music, through the blues! But it is also an important part of European cultural history and of the heritage of Andalusia that shapes our lives and destinies through our sweat and blood.

Taziri is a collaboration dear to the heart of Titi Robin, the inspired creator who recognises himself as from everywhere and nowhere, steeped in gypsy and oriental culture and anchored in the mother of all seas: the Mediterranean.

From one collaboration to the next, the understanding that unites him with the charismatic young Gnawa musician Mehdi Nassouli is growing. After recording the Moroccan album Likaat and sharing the stage for the show Les Rives, they have developed a wide range of songs and instrumental pieces. Composed for the beautiful voice of this young man from Agadir supported by the brilliant groove of his guembri, Titi effortlessly blends in the incisive phrases of his bouzouki and guitar.


Website: http://www.titirobin.com/

Interview (in French) and excerpt: https://youtu.be/MwHPmHdRyrk


Event Date

16 May 2017

Event Time

07:00 PM

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Event Location

Dar Adiyel