The Inouraz Ensemble (meaning ‘hope’ in Tamazight) was established ten years ago on the plains of the Souss, this land in the south where Amazigh and African cultures converge. The five artists harmoniously meld Berber melodies with sub-Saharan rhythms, conjuring up the freedom of jazz.

They make the art of rwayes contemporary, an art form comparable to that of the troubadours or minstrels of medieval Europe, or that of the Mandinka griots of that continues to this day. Amarg sung poetry covers a kaleidoscope of subjects, often improvised by the performer, depending on the news of the day and the inspiration of the moment. It is a question of love, morality, social comment, the everyday, compliments and sometimes the poets engage in real jousting.

Attached to its land yet open to the world, Inouraz is proud to use local instruments: the r’bab fiddle, lotar lute and the guembri, and for percussion the naqous, bendir and tamtam. From its travelling, it has borrowed the Iranian daf drum, an African calabash and an Indian tabla. ‘Hope’ – this is the impulse towards the world along a musical path …

Event Date

14 May 2017 - 14 May 2017

Event Time

06:30 PM - 20:00 PM

Event Location

Dar Adiyel