Creation – « Zyriab or the Fifth String » – CAT A


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A journey to the sources of inspiration for Andalusian music, between heaven and earth, mountains, and palaces

When Arab music becomes Andalusian, it inherits the teachings of ancient philosophers such as Al Firdûsî or Al Kindi, themselves inspired by the thoughts of Pythagoras and Plato. Their vision of the cosmos and planets linked to music aligns with that of the desert poet, who contemplated the vastness of the starry sky. Poet, singer, and musician of Kurdish origin, Abou Al-Hassan Ali Ibn Nâfi, known as “Zyriab” (“the bird or the blackbird”), a flamboyant prince of this great Andalusian saga, will take us through skies and mountains, to the Umayyad court of Emir ‘Abd al-Rahman II in Cordoba in a show that will gather artists from Uzbekistan, Iran, Syria, India, Spain, Egypt, Italy, Armenia, France, and Morocco.


Alain Weber: concept and direction

Christophe Olivier assisted by Gaël Boucault: lighting design
Franck Marty & Pierre Le Quéau: Spectacular mapping – Image Lighters
Sila Herrera: illustration
Soudabeh Kia: musical advisor

Artistic coordination and production
Leïla Sajie: artistic coordination and production
Sandrine Le Coz & Catalina Patino: artistic management

Erik Loots, Technical direction
Chris Eckers: sound engineer
Aziz El Achab

: Moroccan artistic technique and advice
Rachid Belhasna: stage management

Rabie Katti, actor
Sanaa Maharathi, singing
Saïd Belcadi, singing
Omar Boutmazzoukht, lothar
Haidouss Ensemble from Oulmès

Smadj, oud & sound design

Khaled Aljaramani, oud
Loup Barrow, Cristal Baschet
Juan Carmona quartet
Madalena Ensemble under the direction of Manu Théron
Haïg Sarikouyoumdjan
Foad Yareh Singing
Meghdad Shahhosseini

Shukronakhon Kamalkhodjaeva, dance
Shokhsanam Turunpulatova, dance
Ergashova Hushnozaoy, dance
Mukhamed Janov Gulamjon daire
Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Maristella Martella, dance
Nubie Al Hamy, dance
Karim Naggar, dance
Ramadan Fadi, dance
Islam Hany, dance