Thursday 12 May

Riad Dar Bensouda – 18.00

Shaykh Hassan Dyck and the Muhabbat Caravan

Meditation and Sufi Flavours

The listener is an interpreter and the interpreter a listener.

  • Djalal Eddine Rûmi

Over a glass of tea in a superb setting, Shaykh Hassan Dyck and other artists representing the Sufi world offer a meditative path through universal spiritual song. The performance conjures up the mystical wisdom of Islam through poems, particularly those of Rûmi and Hâfiz. This is a rare moment which pays tribute to both the feminine element within Sufi poetry and the Islamic arts.

The music of Shaykh Hassan Dyck is inspired, giving emphasis to improvisation and particular attention to the ambiance, vibration and resonance of the auditorium in which his viola d’amore echoes.


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In partnership with Riad Dar Bensouda.



Event Performers

Event Date

12 May 2016

Event Time

18:00 PM

Ticket Price

JS 12 Mai 2016

€ 15

Event Location

Riad Dar Bensouda