Senny Camara/Song and kora music from Senegal


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Senny Camara, Song and kora

Senny Camara developed her authentic, heart-rending voice at the Conservatoire in Dakar where she was inspired by songs of healing, and developed her virtuosity on the kora which until then had only been played by men. Spotted and encouraged by the great musicians of Senegal, Camara began her international career, becoming one of the most famous singers of her country. She presents a solo performance in Fes, the city of pilgrimage for so many Senegalese.

In infancy, Senny Camara was rocked to the music of West Africa that still nourishes her to this day. Born in Dakar, she was brought up by a very traditionalist grandmother in the village of Tataguine. She grew up in a musical atmosphere surrounded by ritual songs of healing known as the ndeup. Later she went to the Senegalese capital where she enrolled at the Conservatory. She was soon noticed by professional musicians. For this singer, music is the best way to express her awareness and authenticity.

When she appears on stage, accompanying herself on her favourite instruments, the kora and the guitar, she radiates such energy as to transfigure her and transport her audience. Today Camara pursues a solo career or performs with a quintet in Senegal and France and is interested in both the traditional repertoire and the music of today.