Gavino Murgia & Tenore Goine di Nuoro / Sardinian Polyphonic Music / Italy


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Tenore Gòine di Nuoro

Francesco Pintori, voice (mezzo)

Antonello Mura, voice (mezzo)

Antonio Testoni, voice (mezzo)

Stefano Merella, voice (mezzo)

Gavino Murgia, launeddas (woodwind instrument with three pipes), flute, saxophones and voice (bass)

Among the most beautiful musical architectures allied to the sacred and to tradition, that of the polyphonic music performed by the brotherhoods of Sardinia occupies a special, fascinating place. It is studied, but remains a mystery. We can listen to these masculine voices that resonate high, rough and yet voluptuous at the same time, but we do not understand how it happens that an angel’s or a child’s voice seems to sing with them, depending on the architecture of the place. Such remarkable, beautiful, strong voices have their roots in the land of Sardinia and emanate from it. Performing with the multi-instrumentalist Gavino Murgia, the Tenore Gòine offer a striking example.

Tenor Gòine was founded by Gavino Murgia in Nuoro in 1994. The name comes from a Nuragic toponym (the Nuragic civilisation of these islands did not use Latin) that indicates the probable first establishment of the town of Nuoro on the slopes of Mt Ortobene. The group performs at numerous Sardinian festivals and has given concerts all over Europe (Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Finland, Denmark and Italy among others), bringing the sounds of this ancient type of song from Barbagia to concert halls and theatres. The group organises training and seminars in various music schools, and has released two CDs, Madrike and Sardigna Cantat et Prècata.

Gavino Murgia, a specialist in Sardinian traditional music, does a great deal of research to promote this heritage. With the traditional songs and dances, he works with a number of musicians and dancers (Associazione Gruppo Folk Ortobene) in order to conserve the traditions that evoke the pastoral way of life of the island.