From Fes-Meknes to Oman / Homage to traditional music and song


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First part: Oman

Ensemble Al Zawya

Since its inception in 2015, the Ensemble Al Zawya has shone a light on the message of love and peace that it carries.

The Ensemble is known for its openness to human diversity and presents, through carefully selected songs, a unique spiritual listening experience.

Second part: Fes-Meknes

Orchestre de Fes with the Chantres of Meknes, directed by Mohamed Briouel

Moroccan Andalusian music is an art with a traditional repertoire, a living vestige of the scintillating Andalusian civilisation. The initial canvas of this music arises from a cultural symbiosis at the heart of Muslim Spain. Across the centuries, Morocco has integrated and enriched its Andalusian music thanks to generations of master musicians and poets who ensured the perpetuation and the oral transmission of a monumental corpus.

Serving both the sacred and the secular, it provides both a modal and rhythmic configuration that brings musicians and singers of the sacred together in order to produce a varied concert that integrates the two registers, ala-ala and samâa. This is a new performance with different modulating transitions and rhythmic contrasts.

The five parts of this programme are performed by the Orchestra of Fes directed by Mohamed Briouel, accompanied by the Chantres (monchidin) of Meknes.