A Filetta, Fadia Tomb el Hage, Abdullah Miniawy, Peter Corser : encounters in song/Music of the Mediterranean/France, Lebanon, Egypt


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A Filetta, Corsican polyphonic song

Jean-Claude Acquaviva, François Aragni, Jean-Do Bianco, Petr’Antò Casta, Paul Giansily, Maxime Vuillamier

Fadia Tomb el Hage, voice

Abdullah Miniawy, voice

Peter Corser, saxophone

Secular and sacred songs sung in Corsican, Arabic and Syriac join the worlds of A Filetta and Fadia Tomb el Hage, two musical traditions whose affinity results in great listening and perfect complementarity between the performers. While each of them retains their specificity, conversations are opened in imaginary spaces that gently take shape through the melismas of voices and the fusion of timbres, sharpened by the presence of Egyptian slammer Abdullah Miniawy and saxophonist Peter Corser. From this meeting is born a unique symbiosis bringing together in the same impetus both tradition and modernity, repertoires that are both Corsican and eastern.

The music of A Filetta is an experience. It could be said that it is a vocal proposition of contemporary polyphonic music that is exciting and audacious, coming from a powerful oral tradition. It is a type of music that provides a vision of the world that unambiguously rejects any retreat into nationalist ideas, and that its philosophy can be summed up by René Char’s perfect aphorism: ‘The greatest crops are gathered from soil that does not exist; they eliminate gratitude and owe only spring’.

In Fes, they are garnering all these crops for a magnificent, unique concert that spans the whole Mediterranean basin.