Palais Glaoui//19h00

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In collaboration with the French Institute of Fez and the Goethe Institute, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Fes Conservatory, and the Young Hope Children’s Choir and other actors from Fes.

The Glaoui Palace: a timeless place; traces of centuries past and traces of the present. In each room is a different life. An enduring architecture of ancient beauty. Images from an exhibition that ended long ago are hung up again. Reflections of distant ages arise in the dull mirrors. But from the school across the way, we hear children’s voices. They ask us questions about our present: what are we doing here? How do we deal with life, with the earth and time?
The Glaoui Palace absorbs the perspectives, questions and attitudes of new generations. Their creativity, potential and questions about life define the first musical presentation. What is it we hope for, desire, live for and love? How far is the sky? How much of the earth is peaceful? Children and teenagers from Fes have written the score with poetic speeches, composed for young musicians, speakers and dancers. Through this performance, using contemporary music and dance, we see with their eyes and hear about the subjects of living together in a fragile present.
Each of the pieces at the Palace opens with the theme of a musical composition. The actors in the ensemble are children who speak to us of their world using music and dance. A composition of voice, instruments and bodies. An installation around the subject of the city, space and time.
Christina Friedrich