Jesũs Mendez

Jesũs Mendez

Jesũs Mendez

  • Date: 25 Jun 2018
  • Heure: 22:00
  • Lieu: Dar Adiyel
  • Prix: €15

Oh, like love

The saeteros

They are blind

« Saeta », Federico Garcia Lorca


Song : Jesũs Mendez

Guitare : Manuel Valencia

Palmas : Juan Diego Valencia / Manuel Salado

During the holy week, as a white immaculate or golden like a divinity virgin crosses through the streets of Jerez de la Frontera, a member of the public, or of the brotherhood responsible for a paso,  can perform a saeta at the top of his voice. Actually, this is an ode to the Virgin, the Saint or the Christ of that paso.  The saetas, in our era, still restore the notion of poetic declamation, of worship speech, of harangue to the divinity and of passionate allegory. The saetas, or else, canas (a song of religious origin from which the solea was born)  represent the most ancient songs of cante flamenco. They are highly respected and express depth, a tragic emotion that is made to vibrate by the cantaor.   

Jesũs Mendez is an heir of the Gipsy dynasty of the family of the singer Paquera de Jerez. He is  one of the greatest names in modern flamenco. This worthy representative of Jerez de la Frontera, the cradle of gipsy flamenco, has collaborated with famous artists such as Moraito Chico, El Gũito, Rocio Molina, Andrès Marin and Belen Maya,  He is a staunch protector of La Plazuela songs and excels in Siguirya, Buleria and Soleã styles. In 2014, he performed at Avignon Festival in Oraciõn, a creation with composers, which blends influences of saeta flamenco with modern Arabic music.

For his Dar Adiyel program, he offers to perform a repertoire blending sacred songs and other forms of cante jondo.