Fest Noz Symphonique

Fest Noz Symphonique

Fest Noz Symphonique

  • Date: 30 Jun 2018
  • Heure: 16:30
  • Lieu: Jardin Jnan Sbil
  • Prix: €20

Symphonic Orchestra of Bretagne

Erwan Hamon :        flutes, bombards

Janick Martin:  accordion

Annie Ebrel : song

Gregory Dargent : guitare and oud

Antonin Volson : percussion

Major figures of Breton dance music, Erwan Hamon and Janick Martin proposed to the Symphonic Orchestra of Bretagne to partake in one of their  adventurous getaways. They were accompanied by the Breton great voice of Anne Ebrel, of guitarist Gregory d’Argent and of percutionist Antonin Volson,  and the challenge was a major one indeed : they had to achieve limpidity in rhythmic and musical entanglements, supporting a panting energy with power, disrupting measure without ever breaking away from tempo, performing repetitive and circular tones while constantly preserving the very essence of Breton dancing. A successful challence, this is a real symphonic fest-noz to which you are welcome.