3 MA – Mali Madagascar Morocco

3 MA – Mali  Madagascar  Morocco

3 MA – Mali Madagascar Morocco

  • Date: 26 Jun 2018
  • Heure: 21:00
  • Lieu: Jardins Jnan Sbil
  • Prix: €20

Three great masters of strings

Ballaké Sissoko : Kora

Driss El Maloumi : Oud

Rajery : Valiha

Ballaké Sissoko from Mali, Driss El Maloumi from Morocco and Rajery from Madagascar are three artists, open on the world, who all three play plucked string instruments, emblematic and rooted in the tradition of their three respective countries. In all three countries, the performance of music is a daily activity, the musicians meet with a desire to share and  create together, a language characterized by a blending of tones and harmonious rhythms from the far South and the far North of Africa. The three musicians meet in Agadir and Antanarivo.

Ballaké Sissoko is a descendant of a great lineage of Mandinka griots, a master of kora and an exceptional musician. This is in the same way as Driss El Malouni is among the great masters of Oud in the Maghreb and Middle-East. Like his two partners, Rajery is a  musician of the world who directs his own group while participating in numerous exchanges. The trio have gathered around a new album project, as well as a desire to play and participate in a tour together.

Each of them  bring s a personal touch and colors, in mutual respect and the pleasure of being together. They exhibit no wanton virtuosity, nor narcistic solo, but real collective work  which favors emotion and the desire to create a unique and original work. Their music is intense, radiant, fluid and colorful, and is addressed to all.