Born in Casablanca, Morocco, 1956

Specilisation ; Architecture, Heritage and Operational Urban, Planning

Over thirity years experience both in architectural studies and heritage preservation, and elaboration of urban planning documents development plans, housing estates, and restructuring of illegal districts

In charge of governance pole within Sala Al Moustaqbal Association

Teacher at ENA and Rabat School of Architecture (UIR)

Founding member of Sala Al Moustaqbal Association and « Wasl Generation Patrimoine »

Associate professo rat Heritage Master programme (DSAP), ENA and Ecole Chaillot, Paris

Professional experience

1989-   , private office  of Architecture and Urban Planning, Rabat

Heritage enhancement

* Restoration of twelve traditional fountains in Salé

* Redevelopment of Rue des Consuls, Rabat

* Restoration and redevelopment of Bab Hsaine Square, Salé

* Restoration of several large old homes

* Restoration and consolidation completed of Ouday Wall and Bab Lakbir (the Great Gate ), Rabat

* Redevelopment of Kharrazin Street, Salé (First segment delivered)

* Restoration of Challah Medersa (file in progress)

Urban planning documents

* Restoration and preservation plan of Salé Medina

Architedtural projects and housing complexes

– Realisation of project of Salé Prefecture Headquarters, following a traditional architectural design

– Study project and follow up of realisation of housing complexes, commercial centers and industrial units.

* Miscellaneous facilties : mosques and administration headquerters

* Design and implementation of a development concept for REDAL agencies (Main agency in Rabat, Bab Sebta, Al Massira, Harhoura, etc.)

* Socio-economic facilities : primary schools, middle and secondary schools,

* Sports facilities : multi-sport hall, sports complexes

This is in addition to regular contact with the associative sector, leading to participation in, and organisation,of, several events, exhibitions related to the environment, heritage, housing, etc., such as a contribution to the organisation of the Rio Conference on the Environment (New York) and to the setting up of the Medina and Qsours’ exhibition in Grenoble.

The experience accumulated all through these realisations has been used to adequetely respond to the expectations of customers.


* Partcipation in, and supervision of, the « Restoration of the Salé Medina », undertaken in collaboration with the University Institute of Architecture of Venice (Italy) and the INAU, Bou Regreg Association and elected bodies and local authorities (1987).

* Study on the architecture and preservation of the Salé Medina , with setting up of a parcel by parcel SGI (SIG) of the Medina,  (2003)

* Compilation of a tourist guidebook of the Salé Medina

* Preparation of an application file for registration of the Medina as National Heritage

* Housing in mountain areas (traditional) in Morocco and Nomad Dwelling for MHAT.

* Restoration of thermal springs of Moulay Hachem et Moulay Ali Cherif (Midelt Province)

* Montada pilot project, funded by the European Union, aiming at the enhancement of Salé City and Marrakesh heritage, and its appropriation by the population.

* Study of Mediterranean seaside architecture in Morocco

* Study of the architecture of fortified granaries (Ighrems, Agadir) and traditional housing in mountainous areas in the mountains of Morocco



* Research supervision, colloquia and teaching

Teacher supervisor at the architecture workshop of ENA since 2004

Associate professor at the training unit of Heritage Master programme, in collaboration with the Ecole de Chaillot


Supervision of degrees in architeture

Special reference to Bouhrazene site in Azilal province (hammams, furnace, health care center, multi-function comminity space), Salé Medina, Bou Regreg River banks and othe sites.

Supervision of students from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland), in collaboration with ENDA Maghreb : Projects in progress with the Bou Regreg Association, and national and international funding.

Preservation of Aït Lahabous Ighrem in the Tassaout Valley through its redevelopment into a rural guetshouse.

Participant and speaker at several conferences, in particular with INAU and Jacques Berque Center for Studies in the Human and Social Sciences (Rabat)


* On social intermediation :

* Conference on « Heritage in the city : building knowledge and policies of preservation in Morocco and the Arab World » (Rabat, 1999)

* Partcipant in the setting up, and member,  of the Forum : « Cities and territories of the Mediterranran »

* Paarticipant in the organisation of the Rio Conference on the Environment (New York) in collaboration with ENDA Maghreb, an international NGO.

Organisation of several meetings on the Salé Medina

With Sala Al Moustaqbal Association  and the Regional Council of the Order of Architects

– Contribution to the elaboration of the Communal Development Plan for Salé

– Impact of development plans of the valley on the evolution of Salé Medina

– Citizen participation in large development projectss

Seminars and exhibitions

* Contribution to the setting up of « Medinas et Qsour» exhibition, in collaboration with Deux Rives Assocation, Grenoble

* Contribution, with a number of NGO’s to the setting up of micro-enterprises (carpet weavers, Nakkachas, etc.) in Salé

* Contribution to the organisation of the Mediterranean colloquium on « Rehabilitation of ancient city centers in Mediterranean countries » with Bou Regreg Assoctaion. DUATE, Department of Heritage (Partcipating countries : : France – Spain – Portugal – Italy– Algeria– Tunisia – Syria – Libya – Koweït)

* Contriburtion to, and supervision of, the study on redevelopment of North Tabriqet  (non-regulated district of 140 hectares), carried with the Venice University Institute of Architecture (Italy), in collaboration with INAU, Bou-Regreg Association, and elected bodies and local authorities.

* Contribution to the setting up of the Moroccan-Italian cooperation project on the revitalisation of the Salé Medina.

1984-1989 : Municipal architect of the city of Salé

.* Follow up and contribution to the elaboration of SDAU and different development plans of the city of Salé, with the Pinseau Office and the Department of Urban Planning

* Assessment of needs and programmes of different structuring facilities necessary for the city of Salé within the framework of the development convention signed with the Ministry of Interiror

* Management of Department of Plans

* Management of applications for regularisation of non-regulated districts

1983, France

* Contribution to the preliminary study on  the Land Occupation Plan of Levallois-Perret Commune, 1983, France




* Architecture Diploma : UPA N° 5, Paris France. 1981 : Graduate Dissertation on Social Housing : «« Analyse critique et contre projet du recasement du bidonville Douar Doum » Rabat

* DEA (Post Graduate Diploma) in Geography of Development, Paris IV, Sorbonne, 1983.  Graduate Dissertation on the integration of peripheral distiricts into the trade organisation of the city.

* E.S.S.  in Urban Planning, Paris VIII, 1983

* Very good mastery of Mapinfo programming tool in the professional framework of Archicad & Autocar, imagery (photoshop, etc.), office automation, complete  equipment for all types of editing work for architecture documents (2D and 3D, A4 and A0 format),


* Very good mastery of French and good mastery of Arabic

* Average knowledge of English (reading)

* Regular practice of mountaineering (particularly in Morocco)

* Protection of Heritage of Moroccan Mountains and of Medinas