Assala Nasri - Syria

Damascus-born Assala Nasri’s first success, Ouala Tssadak, soon made her a major singer in the Arab world. Then her song Ighdab, which she sang for the great Syrian poet, Nizar Kabani, led to her being regarded as one of the great artists to sing for this poet along with such luminaries as Abdelhalim Hafez, Nadjet Saghira, Fayza Ahmed, Majida Erroumi and Kazem Essahir.

For Oum Keltoum, she sang Lissa fakir, Fina ninsa edounia and Alf lila oui lila. At that time she moved frequently between Beirut and Damascus. Later she enjoyed a scintillating success in Cairo and her name was linked to the great Arab poets and composers.
In 1993, she recorded her first album in Egypt law Tiaarafou, although the young Assala was still little known. Then she continued on her artistic journey with many songs such as Ghayar Aoui, Alli gara, Rahal, El Mouchtaka, Tawàam Errouh, Albi Biértahlak, Ya Magnoun, Yamine Allah and Ya Akhi Esàa.

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13 June 2013 : 21H

Bab Al Makina